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6 Things Nigerians Do Better Than Any Other Country

Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa, though Nigeria sometimes makes the headlines for obvious reasons we're still living in it and trying our best to live happily in it and one thing that give's us reason to be happy is the fact that we're better than other countries when it comes to some area,you can think of it as the silver lining of being a Nigerian.

Growing up in Nigeria i'm sure we'd be familiar with these points i'm about to make

1. Jollof Rice

This particular dish is a famous delicacy world wide and guess what the architect of that fame comes from Nigerians. I know people who have gone to weddings and parties just to eat this jollof rice and I'm also one of them.

Our neighbouring country Ghana has also competed with us in who has the better dish, but of course we always come out with a victory

2. Traditional Marriage

The amount of traditions in Nigeria counts hundreds, yes it's that many. There are also different kind of languages but as they are different so do their marriage rights, no Nigerian tribe jokes with their marriage in fact in Nigeria traditional marriage is more important than white wedding. From the hausas to the north, the yorubas to the south, down to the igbos in the east would leave you in awe when you witness this traditional spectacle

3. Optimism

Even with the situation of the country presently, I'm sure you all are quite familiar with what's going on here and there, the hardships and struggling, these doesn't make Nigerians lose their happy nature as they all seem to still enjoy the daily lives they live and also live to the fullest, the friendly fued Nigeria usually has with other nations on Twitter, shows just how much Nigerians love their motherland and are willing to defend it no matter what.

4. Eating Chicken To The Bone

I also fall under this category, I mean most of us don't get to eat chicken everyday and sometimes when we do it seems like a luxury, we don't want even a bit of the meat to waste, either we eat it till no meat is longer on the bone sometimes we even eat the bone.

5. Dancing

When it comes to dancing I'm not sure any nation can put up with us, from the kukere, to shakuku shakuku, to leg work to the various variations of Naira Marley dance, we are sure toppers when it come to dancing, even the dance ideas from Nigeria today are practiced and danced world wide.

6. Giving one name to different products

I'm in my early 20s right now and I can say for sure any kind of noodles I say, I call indomie, what's about toothpaste? I call it MacLean and this thing isn't done by me alone many Nigerians practice this, it's really funny but this is how most locals would understand what you're saying and when you want to buy stuffs from a local convenient store, even down to our dogs, all local dogs are called bingo by many.

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Content created and supplied by: Sannewayne (via Opera News )

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