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If we get to know each other & it goes well, do you want to have 3 girlfriends? - Allyson to Hermes

One would say during the lunch show that took place on Sunday for the unveiling of the other "Level Up" housemates, if there's any one that was controversial during their introduction, has to be Hermes, as he told Ebuka he is currently in a partnership relationship with two ladies and wouldn't mind another in Big brother's house. With the housemates already settling down and getting to know each other better, Hermes and Allyson had an interesting conversation last night.

For Hermes, he opened up to Allyson on how he's sèxually attracted to her and he doesn't know, whatever is possible, if they get to know each other and when that happens, whatever would become possible would be possible as he's trying to make an effort. Allyson, who didn't hold back her reply, told Hermes they should keep an open mind and went on to ask him an hilarious question which was "If, for instance, they get to know each other and it goes well, when they get out of the house knowing he already has two girlfriends already, does he wants to have three girlfriends?".

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