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Funny jokes to make you laugh out your sorrow

1. Reason with me, if I no get today eeh I go get am tomorrow .... This is the song guys is using to confuse girls this days ... My sister if he no get.. he no get be that don't mind him

2. Onitsha Boys Be like "My name is Ramanus Ikechukwu Peter, but my frnds calls me RIP, Father lord!!!!!

3. I asked a girl on Facebook to tell me more about herself ... I fainted after she told me that she is SLIM IN COMPLEXION

4. have u ever been stressed with a relationship that even a taxi driver asks u where are u going and u answered : only God knows

5. Igbo girls will be like *There are 2 types of retters : Formal retter and Ifeoma retter

6. The downfall of a man is not the end of his life but if he falls from a 3 storey buildings that one is *CALL OF EXIST

7. When I finally accept my father's request on fb....My post everyday would be"my brothers & sisters in the lord, PRAISE MASTER JESUS

8. MTN sending my grandmother "relationship tips" for what?

9. .I told my girlfriend about my rich uncle now she's my Aunt. Fear women

10. I'm shy, I'm shy you don already finished two plates of catfish and Smirnoff...what if you are not shy

11. husbands are not only found in the church.! My sister check your inbox and reply some messages..

12. Brothers, do you know that the same God dat turn water into wine can also turn ur girlfriend into mine.

13. Before you fall in love test the strength of your heart by playing NAIJA BET with your school fees first

14. I remember once when a gala seller reached in through the car window to give me a heavy knock on my head. Just Because i changed my mind about buying it

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Ramanus Ikechukwu Peter SLIM


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