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4 Most Controversial And Fascinating Cultures That Can Be Found In Africa

There are a couple of cultural practices in Africa that you need to know about I if you have not already. Here are some of these strange cultures.

Africa is has the most fascinating cultures you can ever find out there. Some of these cultural indulgences date back to 100 years ago. So in not less than 300 words, lets delve into a review of the most controversial and fascinating cultures that can be found in Africa.

Beating the Suitor

In Nigeria west Africa, the Fulani Tribe have a wonderful cultural practice that involves beating the nuts out of the suitor. This custom is always followed when two men are vying for the same woman’s hand in Marriage. To be able to determine who would turn out to be the eventual suitor, the men are asked to compete for the lady’s hand by beating themselves up. The man amongst the two men, who can take all the beating and yet show very little sign of pain, can have the lady as his wife. In the Fulani tribe, most of the tribesmen no longer practice this culture with all strictness, but in later parts, they follow it to the letter.

The Preservation of Wild Animals

In Kenya and Tanzania, the tribe of the Massai people forbid the killing of wild animals. They can butcher their cattle and other livestock, but they have an ancient practice of not touching their wild animals. This is because they consider these wild animals to be clan members. Each clan has a particular species of wild animals that they keep close to them and even treat as members of the clan.

Sons are being raised by their Uncles

In the northern parts of Angola the Songo tribe has this practice of raising their sons through their uncles. When a male child gets to the age of 5, he would be sent to his uncles house to be raised. Interestingly, they are usually sent to their maternal uncles. The reason for following their maternal uncles is because inheritance and positions are passed down through maternal lines. 

Children not Growing up with their Fathers

In Ivory coast, there is a tribe where children never grow up with fathers. The name of this tribe, is the Gio Tribe. The women in this tribe have their own houses. Their children live with them until they are old enough to move out.

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