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Declare These Prophetic Words To Yourself This Monday Morning To Command Your Day

As I bear witness to yet another wonderful morning today which also is the first day of another blessed week, I will not miss the purpose of Almighty God for my life in Jesus name.

My glory will not sink. My destiny will not capsize. My fame will not fade, but spread to greater heights and beyond in Jesus name.

By the special grace of God, I will not borrow but lend to nations. I will not fail but progressed and be favoured. I will not go backward but forward. I will not breakdown but breakthrough in Jesus mighty name

Today and forever, God shall bless me beyond measures in Jesus name. I will enjoy surpassing Favour. There shall be positive turnaround in all areas of my endeavors in Jesus name.

Everything good that God has planned concerning me shall be manifested. His great plans for my life shall come to speedy fulfillment in Jesus name

God will restore all the good things I have lost. This new week shall be my season of divine intervention and upliftment into glory and honor in Jesus name.

My life shall not be overshadowed by darkness, my destiny shall be moved from place of darkness to light in Jesus name.

By the power in the Blood of Jesus, all my requests shall be granted unto me in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

Good Morning and Happy New Week.

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