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6 Best indian actors so far

(6) Hrithik Roshan ( star power - 12680 )

He is an indian actor best known for his dancing skills and good looks. He is also one of the most paid indian actors. Date of birth 10 January, 1974 ( age 46 years). Net worth is currently $45 million.

(5) Ajay Devgn ( star power 13760)

He is an actor, director, and producer who has appeared in over a hundred indian movies and has won many awards.Born on 2nd of april 1969 (51 years). Net worth $30 million.

(4) Akshay Kumar ( star power 14730 )

He is an indian born Canadian actor, producer and even a martial artist. Born on 9 September, 1967 ( 52 years) .Net worth $65 million.

(3) Aamir Khan ( star power 15480 )

We all know our favorite from 3idiots to dangal, doom and so on.

He is an indian actor, filmmaker and tv talkshow host. Born 14 march 1965 ( 54 years) Net worth $150 million.

(2) Salman Khan ( star power 16045 )

He is an actor, producer and occasional singer. He has received a lot of awards in a film career spanning over thirty years. Born 27 December 1965 ( 54 years). Net worth $260 million.

(1) shah rukh khan ( star power 17705 )

He is an actor popular not only in india but the whole world. He has appeared in over 80 Indian movies. Born 2 November 1965 ( 54 ). Net worth $600 million.

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