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Photos: See The Lady Begging Guys For Relationship And Also Give Out Her Number To Call Her

Good afternoon readers, You amebo is here with another legit news, if it's your first time to see my article just click on Follow.

This Society is full of highly intelligent people on social media while some have just decided to say rubbish on social media.

I see no justification for a youth to think of begging a guy or man to be their boyfriend, particularly during this lockdown, what should be in their minds should be either how to succeed in life or in their studies. Yet it is a shame to see many youth on social media doing crazy things.

I was just reviewing updates on Facebook, when I saw what a lady was writing that brought controversies on Facebook.

She wrote

"I'm begging and I'm crying I want to date someone badly not just anyone tho a celeb or just some influencer, i'm tired of being lonely and single. 

I have the triller app but I don't make use of it because there's no one to flaunt i'm really tired of staying single.

Pls I need a rich, handsome, tall, bearded guy, fair skinned or dark skinned trust me if. Just get me a guyyyy.... This is 4 years of me being single I'm tired I'm so fuckin tired.

I need someone we can wear couple tees together, go to the beach, eat out , surprise me, buy me gifts take me for shopping too someone who I'll willingly give my innocence to, my birthday is September and all am saying is I wish for a good f**k as a birthday gift from the mystery loml a celeb or influencer or just some rich guy to give me that so I'll know losing it was to a worthy person.

Pls if you have all this qualities or maybe half I'm seriously ready for a serious relationship like the ones we watch in movies or skits here's my number 08163108552 thanks.


I continue my research to check her profile that when I saw that she was even crushing on Rema because she recently photoshop her picture with Rema's picture.

I waited and see the outcome of what she posted, but luckily for me she posted the message that some guys have been calling her and sending her messages. she posted one out of it for people to see.

See some of her Photos

Inside this pandemic I have seen a sister at my area that make more than half a million, when I asked him what is her secret, she said "I don't waste my time on social media to do rubbish, write irrational things or engaged in something that will not profit me".

She is just a 200 level student and use this lockdown as an advantage to make money.

Is there no difference between them.

What your thoughts about this.

Don't try to defend anyone here, let be realistic.

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