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Northern Bride Caused Quite a Stir on Social Media as She Stormed Her Wedding in this Unique Outfit

I once asked a woman to recall the happiest memory of her life and she told me it was her wedding day. This is true for most ladies.

I can't really say why, but many ladies treasure their wedding day and look forward to it even from childhood. Many go ahead to draft a plan of how the wedding is going to look like, paying attention even to the minutest details.

For most of these ladies, the goal is to make it a special and memorable one seeing that it's suppose to be a once in a life time thing. While some aim for just a regular wedding, others go the extra mile to piece together a fairytale wedding that can live a lasting memory in the minds of all who witnessed it.

Such is the case of this beautiful northern bride. For her, it was her unique outfit that made her wedding to stand out. Video making rounds on the internet show her rocking a unique Angelic wing outfit completed with a flowing peacock like robe.

Her outfit was matched with her majestic elegance as she walked stylishly to her groom to the amazement of her wedding guest.

Her video caused quite the stir on social media as it generated mixed reactions from instagram users.

What do you think of this Lady's outfit?

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