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If You Want to Laugh Today, View These 57+ Latest Funny Pictures.

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This article is for hilarious pictures but I decided to share something useful to you.


Render help to people when you can, do not go out of your way to help anyone or put your family at risk for anyone. A time will come when they will abhors even your presence.

Reward a kind and faithful friend or neighbour who has proven their loyalty to you or have showed concern towards you and family. See thou those friends who always call or come closer only when they are in need and those that rejoice not with you when you are in your happiest mode, run away from and regard them not as friend.

For as many that carries pain in their heart whenever they see you happy or progressing will continually suffer pain till they reset their brain to factory setting. God did not create hatred in a Man rather is a function of disgruntled spirit.

Here are the pictures for you.

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