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Man bought a new TV, while he was fixing it, his child did this (video)

When you don't take care of your children,this would be the result. Train a child in the way that he should go and when he grows up,he won't depart from it.

This is exactly the case of this boy and his parents. Though he's in UK and there is immunity for them,it must have been the reason why the boy behaved that way. At least you can't beat your children unless they'll call the police for you.

According to the video,the man bought a new TV set and wanted to fix it. His boy who shouldn't be more than nine years of age fell the TV down form where it was placed. The father said what was wrong with him and placed the TV where it was.

We thought that was over but the boy went to bring an hammer and he did hit the hammer on the TV. He broke the TV and the father said this was the second TV he would do that way.

Watch video here.

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