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Covid-19 Is a Blessing In Disguise. This is why.

When I was in my final year in the University many years ago, one of my lecturers said that, when people are complaining of economic hardship, the wise sees a golden opportunity in it. I know this is true because, there are persons I know that are making millions every month even on this Covid-19 era (I am not talking of internet fraud, I mean "clean money").

I read the story of a married man who lost his job in a bank since January this year. According to him, he was frustrated and discouraged. After few months, the lockdown started, hence, he didn't have any opportunity to apply for any job. But as I speak with you, he is living better than before.

What did he do? He gathered about #20,000 and started an online training to upgrade his transactable skills. After about a month or so, he was done. Then, he applied the skills learnt and lo, he is making money daily, weekly and monthly.

When some persons see a wall, to others see a way. This is where mindset comes in. To many of my fellow youth out there, Covid-19 is an archenemy, but to some other persons, it is a great way to become better.

A Chinese proverb says "We all look but see differently, the key is perception". Let me use some diagrams to illustrate this point.

What can you see in the above diagram? Obviously, you can see an old women. Ok, you are right and also wrong. How? When you turn your phone upside down, you will see a beautiful young looking Queen.

Now, let's proceed to the second diagram above. It's obviously an old man and woman who are holding each other. Ok, you are right and wrong at the same time because that is not all. Can you see something else? I guess you can. However, if you can't, let me help you. In this case, don't turn your phone upside down; instead, look at the man's gray hair. Alright! I guess you can see a young damsel at the door to the dinning room. Can you also see a man and a lady wearing cowboy's hat? Both of them seem to be in a happy mood as the man is seen holding a guitar.

Let's look again at this last picture below,

 At plain sight, it is a very beautiful woman. Well, I see two horses and some birds in the sky.

This is exactly how this Covid-19 has presented itself to many people.

Moreso, see beyond the obvious and see the opportunity. Most times, opportunities do not look like or present like as such at a plain sight. Here is where wisdom and discernment become a vital ingredient. 

I know of a friend who ventured into a rabbit business that will fetch him good money in the future. I know someone is hissing at this statement now. Well, you are right but also wrong. Let me inspire you a little, do you know that there is a breed of rabbit that people buy for exportation? Are you also aware that the urine of a particular breed of rabbit can serve as insecticides and manure. Go and do your research on Google.

Let me tell you my own Covid-19 experience. I believe you have been enjoying this write up, right? It was this period that made me work on my writing skills. I have never seen or imagined myself writing an article of this length, however, this Covid-19 era opened my eyes to it. Apart from that, I have been able to enroll into a profitable forex class that is capable of turning my life around in the next few years.

My dear readers, don't join the multitude of people who are seeing things from a normal perspective. See beyond the normal, see opportunities! See possibilities!.

What makes people outstanding is their ability to see what others are not seeing. Let me give you a food for thought: do you know that many persons will go extremely broke after this era? And at the same time, others will scale new height? The choice is yours.

Conclusively, while you wait for the lockdown to be over, engage yourself in deep meditation on what to do to maximize this season. You can learn a profitable online skill like article writing, graphics, computer programming, and so on. There are free websites that are committed to teaching you these skills free of charge. If you need them, please indicate in the comment section and I will reply you. I am not permitted to post any link in this article, if not, I would have stated it here.

Please follow me for more articles.


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