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4 Yoruba Actress Who Are Popular In The Movie Industry [Photos]

Many Nigerian are indeed beautiful despite of there age, some actresses said.

Getting married is one of the sacred things in this world, actually it an exciting thing to do, but it is a long journey but sometimes marriage could be sweet, but at the same time it could be short either of lost your partner or misunderstanding between the partners that can cause divorce from Your partner.

A marriage which bring happiness, Joy, things that will you feel Happy everyday, not married that will bring sadness, hatred between both partners, many people are rejecting marriage, because of the things that normally happened, some said sometimes you will get married, death take there partner away from them, why they have not enjoyed each order, and when such things happen. Some find it difficult to remarried, especially when the love between them is stronger than anything you can imagine.

Sometimes couple died after they got married and some Actually leave there partner at the point of need And many of them refused to remarried to anyone, because they badly miss there husband.

We have many women which never bother, think of remarried after there loving and caring husband died, many of the lady's are hurt by that incident so they prefer not to remarried all thought is to focus on there children, In the Yoruba Nollywood we have many different actress, who lost their loving husbands in the cold hands of death and they chose to remain single for life. Especially in our country Nigerian they are many of them, I can't mention because they never believe they can find a man that will love them and there children.

These Nollywood actress choose to be single after the painful death of their husbands. see the actresses

1. Idowu Phillip

The popularly actress known as Iya Rainbow lost her husband many years ago, she said her cutest husband tight her heart with love, which any man can't break said by Idowu Phillips.

2. Toyin Adegbola

Toyin Adegbola Yoruba actress lost her cute husband in the year 2000 and didn't want to remarry she focused on her beautiful children. The actress is popularly known as 'Asewo To Re Mecca'.

3. Rachel Oniga

The yoruba actress known as Rachel Oniga a beautiful actress for that matter, she left her husband for some weeks before her husband passed out, and never think of remarrying she better focused on her beautiful children.

4. Toyin Afolayan

Nollywood actress Toyin Afolayan her husband was actually died in her early years, Toyin Afolayan was a popular Yoruba actresses in Nigeria. The death of her husband really hurt her seriously, that's why she choose not to remarried and she didn't believe any man could take her with are children.

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