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Checkout 3 things we can't take away from Tiwa savage, she will always be known for these things

Tiwatope Savage is a force to reckon with when it comes to the Music Industry. She has been able to captivate millions of followers with her beautiful voice and smash hits.

There are certain special traits that I noticed about her and these traits cannot be taken away from her. So let check out those attributes...

1. Her Voice: It is very true, that for you to make it in the music industry as a singer, you should know that it is not only about writing songs, you need to have good vocals to captivate the minds of your followers. This is why there are some artiste who are good songwriters but they lack the vocals, and this is why most of them are not gaining Recognition.

When it comes to vocal, you definitely can't get enough of Tiwa's voice. She has proven so many times that she has the vocal quality. There are so many times she will come up on stage and sing different p. art of her songs, like tenor and alto part. The singer has lent her vocals to some great artiste like. George Micheal, Mary J, Blinge, Chaka khan, Whitney house, and even Beyonce.

It is no doubt that Tiwa's voice has helped her to become one of the forces to reckon with in the music industry, her voice is said to melt the heart of music lovers. Earlier this year award-Winning rapper, Diddy had praised her on a live video based on her vocal prowess. He said he likes the way she uses her voice as a black woman.

2. The African Bad Girl/ Mama Jam

Another thing that you can take away from Tiwa savage is the African bad girl title. I'm sure she didn't just wake up one day to give herself the title, she earned it, and we all know it is not an easy task to be the hardest female in the game. Many female artistes in the Music Industry have not been able to meet up with Tiwa's achievement, only because she never stopped working hard. All the jam hits from "All over" to "Attention" all show that Tiwa is not ready to give up and she still has her head high in the music Industry. Also, this talented vocalist got the name "Mama Jam Jam" after the birth of her first son, Jamil Balogun. Most fans now even prefer calling her Mama Jam Jam. Despite having a son beautiful Tiwa has not stopped in dishing out for us, quality music. She has received a lot of awards and recognition, both at home and abroad.

3. Her Bestie- Wizkid

Wizkid and Tiwa's relationship still remains one of the unresolved mystery in the Music Industry as no one could really tell, what is going on between the two. But the truth is that they both share many Romantic times together and they even gave their fans a view of it, starting from Wizkid Fever Video, we all know that Tiwa Savage is the Vixen in the video that makes it went viral. In the Video Tiwa savage was seen dancing for wizkid, Kissing, and touching him seductively just like the way dancers do in a Music video. This was one of the most controversial music Video as many people were surprised when they saw Tiwa savage in the Video, after all, she didn't feature wizkid in the song, all this still remain a mystery as no one could tell what is really going on between them. Wizkid has been seen many times regarding Tiwa savage has his sexy mama, most of the wizkid show, he is always there with Tiwa savage and they are always pictured together kissing hugging each other. But the truth is we can't take away Wizkid from Tiwa Savage. The duo claims to be best friends.

What do you think about these attributes, drop your comments below?

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