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Literature Poetry

After i had this awful dream, I became very careful about my sister and grandmother. (Fiction)

Before you continue please be guided that this is just a fiction story and not a true life story. It's just for the purpose of creativity. Thanks for understanding.

My name is Kemi and I have a sister named Lola both of us love each other so much that we always do everything together. I wear her clothes and she wear mine.

We live with our grandmother in a typical village or can I say a Hamlet around Amafo and all we do is farming and nothing more because education was far from our reach because even if we want to still we can't afford it.

Lola is more closer to mum than me because they seems to blend more as I'm just the introvert type of girl. I like staying on my own mostly and meditate while grandma and Lola will chat as long as they want.

Because of this, grandma seems to pick more interest in Lola than me as she always carry her to the nearest Eke market close to where we live. I don't really mind though because she's my sister and we're all family.

There's this festival in our community that children of the age of my sister and I are not allowed to attend because of some secret stuff guiding it but grandma always take Lola along and the time if this meeting is mostly 12am in the night. So sometimes before they come back I'm already fast asleep.

One thing I noticed is that ever since my sister Lola started attending that festival with grandma her attitude towards me changed and she don't like chatting with me or even make eye contact with me anymore.

I tried to confront her but all to no avail and when I tried to talk to grandma about it she will shut me up. They always stay awake midnight and I don't even understand exactly what's going on. One day I woke up to go and ease my self and I saw grandma and Lola in a black cloth but when I tried to ask something bring a deep sleep to my eyes that I don't even know what I was doing.

From that night my staying in that house became a do or die affair as I'm no longer treated as one of the family member anymore. I tried to ask my self but I still could not comprehend.

I began to have bad dreams upon bad dreams to the extent some times I'll see my self in the river swimming and most times I see myself eating lots of meat and many other things I don't understand.

I began to lose my sense of understanding and I don't know who to talk to because even our only grandmother we have is no more on my side and life become a living hell for me.

My sister that we used to do almost everything together now don't want to associate with me any longer. In fact I was losing myself because to feel like an outsider in your own home is bad experience.

From all this things that was happening in our house, my love for my sister and grandma never ended because I want things to fall back to normal.

But it's all change when I had this awful dream that makes me to start to look at my sister from a far distance.

One faithful night when they came back from their usual meeting I the midnight while we were sleeping I had this dream that I was been chased by beings I don't even know and they vow that I enter join them or they will kill me and I said I will never join them. They keep chasing me to the point I can't run again and just as they remove a black veil to cover me I woke up immediately only to see my sister Lola and grandma staring at me in the midnight and all they could say was that; so I think I can run very well right?? My brethren that night was the worst night of my life because I don't know if I will open the ground and enter because look at me in the midst of my sister and mother and both wearing black gown staring at me after a horrible dream and all they could say was if I think I can run.

Please be guided that this picture is for descriptive purpose only.

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Amafo Eke Kemi Lola


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