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34 Humorous Pictures And Jokes

During your relaxation time, while it seems like you are simply laughing at a friend’s joke or a comedian’s monologue, you are actually improving your health.

As you laugh at hilarious events, your cardiac health improves. Laughter increases your heart rate and lowers your blood pressure. Use the following humorous pictures and jokes to get rid of your worries:

The pictures are used for the purpose of humor only.









8. When you are the first person to buy Matrass in your village.


10. Akpos loved golf, but his eyesight had gotten so bad, that he couldn't find his ball once he had hit it. He sought his wife advice, and she recommended that Akpos bring along her uncle Ochuko.

Akpos said, "But Ochuko is 80 years old and not agile anymore!" His wife replied, Yes, but his eyesight is incredible. Akpos finally agreed and took Ochuko along.

He hit his golf ball. He asked Ochuko, "Did you see it?" Ochuko nodded his head and said, Boy, that was a beautiful shot! Akpos excitedly asked, Well, where did it land?

Ochuko kept silent for some minutes and said, I couldn't remember where ball went." 











21. There were two people travelling on a train, a scientist and a poet, the both of them were sitting in the same compartment. They had never met before, so naturally, there wasn’t much conversation between the two.

The poet was minding his own business, looking out the window at the beauty of the passing terrain. The scientist was very uptight, trying to think of things he didn’t know so he could try to figure them out.

Finally, the scientist was so bored, that he said to the poet, Hi, do you want to play a game?The poet, being satisfied with what he was doing, ignored him and continued looking out the window. This infuriated the scientist, who irritably asked again, Hi! do you want to play a game? I’ll ask you a question, and if you get it wrong, you give me $5. Then, YOU ask ME a question, and if I can’t answer it, I’ll give YOU $5.

The poet thought about this for a moment and said no because he thought scientist was obviously a very bright man. He politely turned down the scientist’s offer. The scientist, who, by this time was going mad, tried a final time. Look, I’ll ask you a question, and if you can’t answer it, you give me $5. Then you ask ME a question, and if I can’t answer it, I’ll give you $50!

Now, the poet was not that smart academically, but he wasn’t totally stupid. He readily accepted the offer. Okay, the scientist said, what is the exact distance between the Earth and the Moon?

The poet, obviously not knowing the answer, didn’t even think about the scientist’s question. He took a $5 bill out of his pocket and handed it to the scientist. The scientist happily accepted the bill and promptly said, Okay, now it’s your turn.

The poet thought about this for a few minutes, then asked, All right, what goes up a mountain on three legs, but comes down on four? The scientist’s face changed immediately. He thought about this for a long time, taking out his notepad and making numerous calculations. He finally gave up on his notepad and took out his laptop, using his Multimedia Encyclopedia.

The scientist finally gave up. He reluctantly handed the poet a $50 bill. The poet accepted it graciously, turning back to the window.

Wait! the scientist shouted. You can’t do this to me! What’s the answer?

The poet looked at the scientist and calmly put another $5 bill into his hand. The scientist fainted immediately.












33. A doctor had been attending to a rich old man for some time, but it became apparent that the old man does not have much time to remain alive any longer. Accordingly, the doctor advised his wealthy patient to put his affairs in order. “Oh yes, I’ve done that,” said the old gentleman. The only thing that is remaining is the preparation of my will. And do you know what I am going to do with all my money? I am going to leave it with the doctor who will save my life.”  


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