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Famous celebrities we never knew were gay

1. McKellen

McKellen is the one who prefers a man as his partner. Their sexual orientation was formed a long time ago. At a time when being different was illegal, he kept his secret to himself. But then the legislation changed. So in 2010 he openly demonstrated his right to be different. Well, we must admit that their difference does not make their performance poor or unconvincing. Let us remember, for example, his role as Gandalf.

2. Raven

Can you think that Raven, the actress of The Cosby Show, is a lesbian? Of course, no one knew about this star's true sexual interests in the 1990s, when they aired the show. And of course no one knew about this when I was acting for the Disney Channel. But she was already gay-oriented when she came to The Cosby Show because she discovered this side of her when she was just 12 years old.

3. Ellen Page

 Occasionally Ellen Page gave us some hints of their difference, but we didn't know for sure. And in 2014 in Las Vegas, she revealed the truth about herself. Since then, all producers have been looking for her to appear in her photo. It became a trend to invite gays for gay roles. And maybe this is a good decision since the characters resemble really gay personalities due to the nature of the person playing the role.

4. Wentworth Miller

Wentworth Miller's passions, despite his brutal image and no less brutal roles, are all of the same genre. Of course, this has nothing in common with his performance for the Prison break. It was deep in his nature all along, but until the St. Petersburg Film Festival ended, he has never shown his true self. Maybe he just wanted to secure his image in the eyes of the Russian authorities.

5. Ellen De Generes

Since 1997, we all know that Ellen De Genres is a lesbian. But when eight years ago she developed strong love relationships with Portia Di Rossi, the couple tried to hide it. Then, for a time, the general auditory did not realize that Portia Di Rossi was part of LGBT society. However, a tabloid press managed to catch this couple. By the way, if you assume Ellen plays a male role in their relationships, you're right.

6. Queen Latifah

 To succeed in her career, Queen Latifah did not pay much attention to the love-related aspect of her life. And while she hasn't revealed her sexual preferences to the world yet, it's rumored to be different. As one of the proofs, we can bring up the fact that she organized 33 gay weddings in 2014. We assume that she might discover her homosexuality in 1995, when a man stole her car and was disappointed by the male gender.

7. Jillian Michaels

When Jillian Michaels was just 18 years old, he met a girl who, to his own surprise, changed his life. Jillian found out that she has a great love for girls. She understood that the men's touches did not awaken any sexual feelings within her, but so did physical contact with a woman. As she is associated with many of the gay celebrities, she revealed her difference only in 2010.

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