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It is Wrong to say "Garri Turner" - See the Correct English Word

It is Wrong to say Garri Turner, See the Correct English Word. In the article below we will love to enlighten you on the proper word to use. (Stay tuned)

In Nigeria, we practically gives every item an alternative name which in some cases mask the actual English name of the item. That can be related in the case of this popular kitchen utensil.

This popular utensils found in almost all Nigeria kitchen, have many other names according to different tribes in Nigeria but we generally call it (Garri Turner). It's uses in kitchen ranges from turning and mixing, with the main concentration placed on turning Eba.

One might be wondering what is Eba, It is a swallow meal made from dried, grounded and processed Cassava tuber.

To the world this device is called (Wooden Spatula) before we changed the name in Nigeria to suit the food we are using it to process / turn.

The correct english name is "Wooden Spatula" the wooden there is simply because it was manufactured from wood and we have stainless spatula, produced from stainless as well. It might interest you to know that this particular device can be found in almost all part of the world and not peculiar to Nigeria, although we have some locally made ones.

We see the need to educate ourselves and most especially the growing ones on the correct english words to use out there and not feel shame when we speak because we never know the place, state or country we might found our selves in near future.

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