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Screenshots: Checkout the latest trend on social media, " Una Dey Mad"

Almost every blessed day, we are faced with new trending topics on social media. Well, Nigerians always associate themselves with any thing fun, no wonder the entertainment industry in Nigeria is growing rapidly.

You can agree with me that Nigerians are quite the socialites as they always seem to find out ways to keep everyone excited.

For quite the last couple of months, we have seen a lot of trending topics on social media ranging from so many things to this very one, "Una Dey Mad".

However, one of the things I find very amazing about this whole thing is that we are evolving, and despite the growing concerns and economic harsh realities necessitated by the present corona virus pandemic, Nigerians are still finding out time and space for fun. Who cares, Laughter and fun is a remedy to pain. It shows the level of sociality of the Nigerian populace.

The "Una dey mad" trend was started by a man named Abimbola O'Larry Turner who raised up some issues about feminism.

However, it is not a thing of surprise that the "Una Dey Mad" trend is going viral now because like I said earlier, Nigerians are quite the socialites as they took have taken it to another level entirely

However, after since then so many people have started reacting. See some reactions from Nigerians below.

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