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10 hilarious photos that was taken before disaster struck.

Most times we experience embarrassing events. As most things that happen do happen unexpectedly, But what has happened to you is nothing, compared to what this people in this article had to go through and live with and the surprising thing is that it's hilarious.

1, Taken before she decided never to forgive her brother for any stupid ideas again.

2, After this she never jumped of a swing again. 3, Taken before the lady realized she was falling.4, After these he never tried bike stunts again. 5, Taken before he got 240k likes on Facebook.6, Taken before he ruined her night.7, Taken before she realized that going to a concert, with a group of friends was a really bad idea.8, Taken before an awful fight started.9, Taken before spending thousands on plastic surgery.10, Taken before she knew fire was on her head. it's better to play safe, so u know you also really don't have to prove anything to anybody, just live your life because you don't know what might happen the next minute.

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