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Top Six Funny Birthday "Bro Codes" From Media Users (Photos)

The trend of having rules between guys seem to be increasing on a daily basis as more rules are being set to curtail the excesses of one's bestfriend.

The bro code is a rules specifically made for guys and most of them are very hilarious to even think about.

"Bro Codes" are sets of rules laid down by guys to guard them against basic errors in their daily activities. The bro code also guards them against certain actions which they might see as appropriate.

Below are top five funny bro codes from media users.

1. Bro code 111: A bro does not blow out candles on birthday cakes, if a bro does that he becomes a cute girl.

2. Bro code 110: A bro does not accept a cake baked by a fellow bro on his birthday. If not he is a lesbian.

3. Bro code 109: A bro must never scream if he's thrown a surprise birthday party. If he screams, bin that bro, he is a slayqueen.

4. Bro code 108: A bro must never repost all bkrthday posts on his whatsapp status, if a bro does this, then he's james brown.5. Bro code 106: A bro must never bake cake for himself on his birthday, if he does this, then he's a queen.6. Bro code 107: A bro must never reply "awwwn" to any sweet birthday message, if he does this he is a cheerleader.

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