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We are born Equal. Black is not a crime but a beauty

_A letter to the White Men_ 

Hello Mr White Men

Being black does not mean we are inferior

Being black does not mean we are not equal

Being black in nature does not mean we don't have right to life.

We are black because we are strong

We are black because we are created being black.

We are black because black is beautiful.

We are black because we are born equal.

Mr White Men

On whose wisdom did you build your country?

On whose Brain did you boost your economy?

When you know we are not equal, why did you explore us and our Natural and minerals resources

You bring pain to us in the name of civilization

You make us lose regard for our culture and tradition.

You called us Ape yet we build your economy

You called us monkey yet you are interested in our talents

You learned our culture, you learned our languages

You learned our skills yet you say we are inferior.

How ignorance are you?

We are equal

We are the same

We are giving birth to in the same way.

No one is superior to another.

You don't kill us like a chicken

You don't hunt us down like a deer

We are God's chosen people.

We are talented, we are strong.

We are blessed African.

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