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Meet Naomi-macrea and see what she does for a leaving. (Photos inclusive)

Naomi macrae is a famous YouTube star, she has a YouTube channel which she named honeybee ASMR. She is a Canadian and she is a young lady with much talent, Naomi was born on the 2nd of October 1994.

Naoimi's do make or create so many things using edible substances, sometimes she create a honeybee Combe using edible substances and the honey as well, and she will make a video of her self eaten them, then she will post it on her YouTube channel, which generate allot of income for her.

Not only honey Combe, she also create makeup kits with Edible substances, she makes shoes with cake and icing sugar, she create should equipment, Combs and brushes, bottles, phones and so many other things using edible substances. 

She have so many followers not only on YouTube, but also on Facebook as she have a Facebook page where she upload some of her videos. Here are some of her pictures while she was eaten those things. Naomi macrae is a very beautiful lady, she her pictures without makeup.

Isn't she beautiful and amazing, and her YouTube channel is really generating income for. So what do you think about this talented lady? Kindly like and share. Do follow for more interesting updates.

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Canadian Combe Naomi macrae Naomi-macrea


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