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Tony Stark vs Bruce Banner:finally, evidence has shown us the best scientist out of the two

No one can argue Tony stark and Bruce banner are equally the most intelligent of all the Avengers. That argument is separate from those who have special powers, even if one could argue you need a special type of intelligence to master being near -omniscient, as in marvel. Everyone knows the women Avengers are intelligent. Yet no one denies how high the intelligence of Stark and Bruce Banner are. Banner is a scientist and Stark is an engineer. What makes them both similar is they both work in theoretical science. Both have had their shares of failures as well as in their experiments. Some fans still give degree levels in how intelligent each is. One could immediately argue Tony stark is the most intelligent based on one little thing he helped with in the last film: Endgame

Tony Stark

Tony is undeniably more intelligent that Bat man when it comes to engineering and physics. He built the iron man suits. Bruce cannot even compete with Starks level of technical expertise, but Tony can't even approach Bruce's criminology and psychology education, they have different kinds of intelligence. Tony Stark is a genius bent on using technology to save the world.

Bruce Banner

Bruce is a genius no doubt about it. It's a point made perfectly clear to the World thanks to the MCV, with Banner even boasting to Thor that he has seven PhDs. However fans who only know Banner through the MCU may not be aware that banners intelligence has fluctuated dramatically in the comics. There is no doubt that Stark is a talented engineer, but when it comes to other sciences such as biology, chemistry,medicine, and nuclear physics, there's no denying that Banner is the most intelligent of the two.

Now with Tony Stark dead and Bruce Banner/Smart Hulk no longer in Avengers Movies, it removes two of the smartest Avengers available. Not having them there may cause some problems down the road if the survivors face a major villain again or precarious world scenario.

At the end it has been noted that Bruce Banner is the most intelligent Scientist compared to Tony Stark. Don't forget to share to friends also like and comment if you have proven evidence to show it isn't Bruce.

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