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Between Broda Shaggi And Mr. Macaroni Who Is More hilarious?

When it comes to online comedy, we have so many names to mention that are making waves in that area. But you can't just start calling names without mentioning Broda Shaggi and Mr. Macaroni. For us to find out who is more hilarious;we are going to talk about each of them in their pattern of comedy.

1.Broda Shaggi

Broda Shaggi (Oya Hit Me) is a very funny explainer. His sense of comedy is so skeptical in the sense that whosoever that's watching or listening to him must be very careful in other not to be misled. He answers questions in an opposite direction which makes him so hilarious..... Shaggi will explain what you know very well in an opposite way and he's not ready to be corrected. Each time i watch his skits i laughs so hard.

2. Mr. Macaroni (Freaky Freaky)

Mr. Macaroni (Freaky Freaky /Ooin) is the only comedian that wants to allow women to kill him. He so much loves women; that makes him to give them money in a careless manner. The only thing he asks ladies to do when he set his eyes on them is their account number.... and he will transfer money into their accounts which has led him to be dupped by them in several occasions.To be sincerely speaking, he's so hilarious.

To conclude this issue, i think they all have their way/style of making one laugh... Which means they are all hilarious and can make you laugh till tears drops from your eyes.

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