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Spice up your weekend with these 16 funny pictures

With all the work throughout the week, what better way is there to relax than to sit back and enjoy yourself with funny things? 

Since laughing they say helps you relieve stress, I am about to take you through a ride to help you relieve all the accumulated stress from Monday till Friday with these funny pictures. 

Someone once said that living in Nigeria alone and walking in the streets is enough comedy on its own because of the different kinds of interesting people you see on the streets and their simple way of life which you might find amusing and ridiculous. 

1. The first picture reminds us of how relationships used to be before phones came and scatter everything, see picture below, I can’t stop laughing because I too am guilty of this. 

2. The dog is so daring to have been chilling in hell without knowing it. This thing cannot happen in some states in Nigeria. I don’t want to call names but my shout out goes to Calabar people. They are highly respected when it comes to dog psychological evaluations. 

3. This third picture is so funny because I think even the manufacturers of these toys would not buy them for their own children 😂, Naija made toys please patronize.

4. This picture cracked me up so much because almost every Nigerian who grew up in a neighborhood like mine, had that one childhood friend who they played “mother and father” drama with. Guilty or not guilty?

5. This next picture is just a perfect example of why they say for better for worse. In this case, the worse started on the wedding day. Really funny

6. The gods themselves have come to commune with the new age technology. Isn’t this beautiful? 

7. The man in the Nigerian Nollywood movies popularly known as pawpaw, has a meme for every situation, this one is for disagreement. See the mouth.

8. After much research drawn from countless experience, we have come to a conclusion that, this is the only way to get your clothes from Nigerian fashion designer on time. Thank me later when you try this. 

9. The decoration, is out of this world. What would you do if this decoration was done on your wedding day? 

10. There is nothing a paternal result to a DNA test that proves a baby isn’t yours would not make you do. Really funny I must confess.

11. From Amaka to Agnes, this is for those who have never suffered heartbreak. If you have suffered heart break before, you would not try this for anything in the world. 

12. 2020 is a year to remember. How come no pastor saw this coming? 

13. Twitter is a home of Savage replies, this one cracked me up so badly that I couldn’t stop laughing hard. 

14. Very funny the energy and vibe Nigerians use to carry out everything. This one is really funny. 

15. Hausa people if I hear you breathe, I will tell the world where this happened. Laughing out loud right now.

16. When you are the only graduate in electrical engineering in your village, this is what we would expect from you.

Which was your favourite? Let’s hear what you think in the comment section as you like, share and drop your comments below. Keep smiling and enjoy the rest of your weekend. 

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