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Opinion: Igbos have the most beautiful and meaningful names in Nigeria

Everyone brought into this world by birth was given a particular unique name, and if he or she happens to be a Nigerian, they would definitely be given a tribal name.

   I have noticed that people from the Eastern part of the country bears the most beautiful and meaningful names.

Most tribes gives their children middle names that has to do with the situation they found theirselves in before giving birth to the children, and most times they end up giving their children names that would end up affecting them negatively when they come of age.

   As the old adage goes " A good name is better than riches". that is why names we bear really matters alot. The Igbos are one of those tribes who give their children names out of what they would want them to become in life, and most times they often include the word "Chi" to their names which means "God".

  There is a trend on a popular facebook page, which has left room for all Facebook users to list the most beautiful and meaningful igbo names they know.

Below are screenshots of the names listed.

I think when it comes to giving beautiful names with deep and lovely meanings the Igbos are really trying in that aspect. 

  Apart from the names listed by the people in the above screenshots, which other beautiful and meaningful Igbo names do you know? if you are from other tribe, which Igbo names do you love most.

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