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BBNaija's Khloe Says People Don't Do Plastic Surgeries Because Of Poverty

Khloe is a former BBNaija housemate who had plastic surgery to transform her looks. In a recent interview with Ehiz on the Dada Boy Show, she revealed that she was scared when she had cosmetic surgery but it was worth it, she also added that it is poverty that makes people say they can't do plastic surgery.

Although the BBN star thinks poverty is the reason why people don't want to engage in plastic surgery, there are other reasons why people might not be interested in plastic surgery.

Image credit: Gistreel, Vanguard Allure

1. Infections can arise.

Plastic surgery is a surgical procedure, hence the skin or area operated gets exposed and it might be susceptible to harmful bacteria, therefore the area could get infected and this might develop to something serious, also, bacteria can get into the operated area through unclean hands, poorly cleaned incisions, moisture and lots of other ways.

2. Death can occur.

Anaesthesia is used in a lot of surgical procedures, it is also used during plastic surgery. However, most people react to anaesthesia and this can cause death immediately after surgery or within the period of surgery.

Also, emboli/fat can get into the bloodstream putting a halt to blood circulation, this can cause cardiac arrest and the result of this arrest is death

3. It could get botched.

Botched surgeries occur when cosmetic surgery doesn't go as planned or is worse than what the patient expected. Botched surgeries can occur when they are done by people who are not professionals.

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