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Check Recent Pictures Of Gannicus After Acting Spartacus.

"There is an old saying that in the house of Batiatus, anything can happen". The Spartacus series which hit our screens in 2010 and aired till 2013 is one of the most talked about films even till this day, some even believe that Spartacus had more fans than HBO's "Game of Thrones", but amongst the most popular actors who made Spartacus a film to watch was the gladiator named "Gannicus."

The role was played by Australian actor "Dustin Clare", who came to the limelight of the movie industry after his role as Gannicus. Dustin had been involved in other films before his role as Gannicus, but those movies were not blockbuster films, hence Dustin remained in the shadows until he played Gannicus. The 39-year old actor was born 2 January, 1982, he has also featured in several films and is still active till this day. The father of one has not had a big film like Spartacus since the end of the Series, but that doesn't mean is no longer the handsome man he used to be, as he is always seen in public places having a good time.

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