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Should I Embrace Being Single For Good Or Continue Finding?

When You Keep Failing in Getting the Right One

Finding that one and only, the right one is not easy. Not everyone gets lucky enough to find their soul mate. Most people live a life of compromise without understanding the meaning of true love and happiness.

If you are ending up heartbroken, devastated, and lonely after every single relationship, no matter how hard you tried to find the right one; you are not alone. Many people in this world are living a happy single life. Not everyone is destined to find love and companionship. Spending life alone isn’t easy either. What then? Should you keep trying until you find the one or keep failing in getting the right one?

Most people after getting out of toxic relationships will lose heart and will stop looking for a person to share their life with. You are here because you are still looking for answers. What to do in life when you keep failing in getting the right one? Here are some answers:

Why Some People decide to be Single for Good?

You may find people around you who are not only single but are very happy about it. Being single doesn’t mean that you are an introvert or not very social, it only means you could not find the right one and that wasn’t a big deal for you. Some people decide to remain single for good and here is why

You enjoy your freedom

If you are single, you are free to do anything, anytime. The freedom that comes with staying single is the biggest reason for some people to remain single. You can spend the time and money the way you want. You can go anywhere and no one will be questioning you about your whereabouts. You can hang out with friends and stay out late at night without worrying about what excuse to make up.

Focus on Yourself

Being single means you don’t have to look after or care for anyone. Staying single gives you ample time to focus on yourself. Eat healthily or whatever you want, travel the world, and pick hobbies. The sky is the limit for what you can do with your alone time. Utilize this time to think and reflect. Pamper yourself and be the person you always wanted to be.

Get time to relax

Unlike married people, singles have more time to sit back and relax. Where married people are running around trying to make things work, singles have all the time in the world to live in peace. Instead of grocery shopping, they can do yoga, meditation, and anything you name for the sake of their mental wellbeing.

Save Money

In a relationship, the one thing you lose besides your mind is money. From buying expensive gifts to diapers and from selecting restaurants for date nights to choosing a college for your child; everything requires money. If you are single, you don’t have to worry about diamond rings and expensive things. Save all the money and do whatever you want to please yourself.

Less Stress

Where on one hand relationship is all about sharing your happiness and problems with your partner, believe it or not, being single is less stressful. If you are not stressing about finding the right one, being single is all about living a worriless life. You don’t have to worry about keeping someone else happy; you don’t have to worry about what future holds for you, you don’t have to worry about how to make both ends meet. In short, living a single life has proven to be healthier.

No need to fit in

Where in a relationship you have to comply with certain norms; staying single gives you the freedom to be whatever you want to be. You are not expected to fit in society and follow the rules set by the league of married or committed people. You are not expected to behave or dress in a certain way neither are you judged for peculiar habits.

When to Consider Being Single for Good?

Humans are social animals. We are designed to live in groups. Living alone does not come naturally to us. No matter how hard we try, living alone isn’t an option. First, it’s the family, then friends, and then romantic and intimate relations; we have to stay connected to people.

Not everyone is programmed to look for a new partner as soon as they get out of a relationship. Some people find it really hard to find a new partner and make it look like nothing happened in their life. If you have been getting in and out of relationships like you get on and off a bus, you need to stop and think for a while. Life should not go on like this. There comes a point in life when you consider being single is good than being in a good for nothing relationship.

You feel happier

Being in a committed relationship means you can share your problems and joys with someone. This someone will not only give you comfort but will understand you for who you are. In committed relationships, sometimes this happens, the more you give the less it is. In an effort to please your partner you forget about your own happiness. If by staying single you are happier than when you were in a relationship, it’s about time you consider staying single.

You are more efficient

Relationships are very demanding in their mere nature. When you want to soar, the relationship keeps your feet tied to the ground. If being in a relationship is affecting your efficiency, you should consider staying single for a while. A good relationship should boost productivity but if it is becoming more of a burden, it is better to stay alone and single.

You have certain ambitions in life

If you want to be something and being in a relationship is keeping you from doing what you want, it is better to go single. Certain ambitions can’t afford social ties. Pursuing a career or achieving something is only possible if you are focused and are ready to give undivided attention. Consider staying single for a while until you achieve something. You will be having ample life to be in a relationship.

If your happiness comes from within

Where some people feel happy by keeping the people around them happy, for some others, happiness comes from within. If they are internally happy, the world will seem happier to them. Keeping yourself happy and finding happiness from within is an art and not everyone can master it. There is no need to get into a relationship and put on a mask of fake happiness if you can be happy by simply sitting in front of the TV or going to an art museum all by yourself.

Failure to find a soul mate

Sometimes in life, if you have been repeatedly falling into wrong relationships, it’s about time you consider staying single for good. You will never understand the importance of staying single unless you have lived through a bitter relationship. Once you are out of a relationship that only survived because of the sacrifices and compromises you made, you will know that it is better to be alone than in a tiring relationship. A soul mate is someone who completes you and if you don’t feel whole with your other half, it is better to stay single until you find the right one.

How to Decide Whether to Continue or Stop?

Some people have the ability to connect with every other person while others think that they will never find someone to share their life with. Low self-esteem and self worth, and introvert personality traits in some people make it difficult for them to get into relationships.

The question of how to decide whether to continue looking for a partner or stop depends on the person. It all comes down to personal choices and the ability of the person to deal with certain life situations. If you think you can take on what life has to offer in terms of unstable relationships and mismatched life partners, you should continue with what you are doing. On the other hand, if you are happily single and want to remain that way, no one should be allowed to judge you based on the life decisions you make. If you have tried but failed, you are already halfway there. If the journey is more beautiful than the destination then keep traveling. Stop looking for the destination and enjoy the view.


Being human, it is difficult to find someone who checks all the boxes of your perfect soul mate. You have to make compromises and adjustments here and there. If after several tries, you are failing to find the perfect partner, you should stop for a while. Staying single isn’t as bad as it looks. It is just the societal norm to get into a relationship. Try to make yourself happy and enjoy your individuality for a while.

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