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Biological Sisters Separated by Adoption Meet by Chance as Co-Workers. Read Their Inspiring Story.

According to a story shared by Love Expands on Twitter, Cassandra Madison and Julia Tinetti met in 2013 as co-workers. They were brought together by a similar tattoos they both saw in each others body. They quickly became friends and grow fond of each other.

One day, Julia asked Cassandra where she was from. Cassie told Julia that she came from Dominican Republic. Julia also told Cassandra that she was also from Dominican Republic, but she was adopted. She lamented that she has never set her eyes on her real parents and siblings. Cassandra decided to fill the vacuum of a sister which Julia desires so much.

They began to act as if they are real sisters. They wear the same cloth, when people ask them if they are siblings, Cassandra tells them that she is Julia's big sister. Soon they became fond of each other.

People often tell them that they look so much alike. However, Julia's adoption paper work is always there to prove that they are not related in any way and as a matter of fact, non was given up for adoption in Cassandra's family.

Cassandra made a trip to Dominican Republic to seek answers from her father. Her father told her that actually there was a child that was given up for adoption when the family could not take care of her.

Cassandra quickly went for a DNA test and convinced Julia to do the same. When the result came out, they were surprised to see that they are sisters. Everything became clearer that it actually the nature that brought them together and not coincidence.

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