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Why James Brown Should Speak Out Concerning The Theft Allegations Against Him

James Brown

There is nothing as painful as facing falsified allegations, especially the one that relates to theft. Just recently, a certain Nigerian appeared on the internet via a video and accused the Nigerian crossdresser named James Brown of stealing an undisclosed amount of money from a certain lady named Grace at Cubana Club. 

According to the video, the guy who accused James Brown did not make a specific point or give specific evidence to justify his claim. All he said was that James Brown and his friend named Tobi Creator took money from a certain Grace and they should return it before he unleashes his terror. 

One important thing about this case is that James Brown is an entertainer that is just rising to the topmost part of his career, and it should be noted that if anything like such allegations is raised against him, there is every tendency that it would affect his career. 

The most important part of why James Brown must make an open video to debunk the information is that the news is fast spreading already, and it would be dangerous if James Brown kept quiet because Nigerians would believe that the accusation is factual. 

Another important thing for him to do apart from the attempt to make an open speech about his and his friend's side about the case is that he should also establish a case if he knows nothing about the allegations because the guy was nothing but defamation of character. 

I have only cited these two solutions to what was leveled against James Brown and his friend, and by the time this action is taken against the guy who is accused, it will serve as a deterrent to others who may be willing to blackmail any celebrity in our society.

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