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Morgan Freeman: 10 Facts You should Know About The Historic Actor

Famous actor Morgan Freeman celebrated his 80th birthday on June 1, 2017, and what better way to celebrate the thespian history than to embellish all the interesting facts about his life?

Obviously, there is so much more than a different voice that has made Morgan a popular celebrity decades ago. As you can see below, his talents are simple across the stage.

The native of Mississippi definitely had his problems on the way to the stage, growing up as the youngest of five children and having little money. What he was able to do together as a kiddo, however, he went to see the latest in a movie theater.

But that’s not the only thing that inspired him to get into showbiz. See below to learn more about his life before and after he became a star.

1. He was in the air Force

Prior to attending LA City College, Morgan served from 1955 to 1959 in the Air Force. According to, he even refused to study drama as part of another college, Jackson State University, in order to join the armed forces.

2. His first role was to punish him

While in high school, he pulled out a chair under a female classmate in an attempt to flirt with her. The school ordered him to participate in the drama department as his punishment. He certainly ended up falling into the art form.

3. Fluency in French

According to records from the Office of the Commission for Official Languages ​​in Canada, he studied French while at the University of California, Los Angeles, and has always mastered the language of love.

4. He Broke Academy Award Records

Following the winner of the Million Dollar Baby photo booth in 2004, Morgan became the only African-American actor to appear in three different winning films in that category.

Other films include Driving Miss Daisy 1989 and Unforgiven 1989.

5. He has broken golf records, too

Morgan's ability in golf teams has earned him the honor of being the first American athlete to compete in the "Extreme 19" pool at the Lentente Golf & Safari Resort in South Africa.

He is also known for his unique hand-changing style.

6. He founded the Ice After the Storm Ivan

Formerly known as the Granada Relief Fund in 2004, funds raised went to help the victims of the storm. It has since appeared in PLANIT NOW, which provides "preparedness facilities for people living in storm-prone areas and severe storms."

7. He Wrote a Cookbook

The actor got help from his famous friends to combine recipes for Morgan Freeman and friends: Caribbean Cooking for a Cause. Funds from the sale of the book went to support his organization to help storm victims.

Tom Hanks, Tim Robbins, and Katie Couric are among the stars who contributed .

8. He Keeps 26 Bee hives On His Mississippi Farm

Morgan revealed in an interview with Jimmy Fallon that he had turned 124 hectares of land into a beehive in 2014, after the actor heard of their rapid decline in insect populations over the years.

9. He co-owns a Blues Club

Morgan opened a club, called the Ground Zero Blues Club, in 2001 with two friends in Clarksdale, Mississippi. They also have rental flats located above the center, but something tells me that you have to be good at listening to music every hour of the night before signing a lease agreement.

morgan freeman in bruce alamandlaymorgan freeman in bruce somandla

10. He has a Special Cabinet for His Oscars

A friend was so confident that he would win at least one Academy Award for his work that they built him a custom cabinet back in 1998. He finally fulfilled his future with his 2004 victory with his role as a boxing instructor at Million Dollar Baby.

Have you learned any new facts about the famous character? Make sure you share it with your friends!

Content created and supplied by: Jayvo (via Opera News )

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