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Preface: The "Tales of two world" is a story, where the Amazonians are taken as slaves



It's morning and every single person in my village is busy with one thing or the other. I smile and inhale the cool air coming directly from the sea. "Coming through.. " Zee ran pass me and nudge me with her shoulders.

'Zee. " I called out to her.

'Sorry Ali... "She flash a smile and ran away. I growl and walk pass the busy villagers as everyone greeted me. They look happy and I'm happy cause they are happy.

My name's Alita, I was born a dream walker, a rare kind of witch. They are known for their rare magic and their abilities. My father's the village chief and i'm the last child of my parents since we're three. Two older brothers. We're settled around an island which we call Amazon.

We've been hiding since ages after that dreadful activity from the Caucasians, the white skin people. They hate us, they kidnap us with their extremely dangerous weapons that looks like cannons, they called it guns. Burn our island and stole most of us, my father ran away with the remains and we settled in this island. Basically we're called Amazonians.

Secondly, the indians, they believe in black magic and they think my breeds possessed that. This Caucasians took most of us away and turn them to slaves, maids and sex toys and every other terrible thing you can think of. The Indians are worse, can't explain theirs.

Everybody likes me, maybe because I'm the only dream walker and the chief's daughter. I smile at the girls who were gathered around the almighty Bheka, he's the oldest man around.

Every single girl is always happy, except Akeelah. She's the weirdest amongst us, always alone and seen in a cave. She's my cousin, my father's brother child. We barely interact and she doesn't like me. She said it to my face that I was nothing but a looser, we argue alot and she said that I don't deserve to be a dream walker and I don't deserve to rule Amazon.

"Alita... "Elna wave at me. She's my best friend, we're likely the same but, she talks alot.

"You're up so early." She smiles and nudge me with her arm.

To be continued....

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