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5 Beautiful Women Banky W Loved Before Adesua Etomi

Love is a beautiful thing they say and we all want to have the gift of having someone who will love us unconditionally someday.

Nigerian singer and husband to Nollywood's topnotch actress,Banky W was a very prominent bachelor in Nigeria before tying the knot with his sweetheart.

Before finding love,Banky seemed to be quite popular with the ladies😂😂 and surprisingly they were celebrities we all know but how did we miss the highlights🤔 but never to worry, the playboy side of this wonderful singer is about to be revealed 😁😁

Here are some ladies Banky W gave a shot before Susu....

5.WajeWaje and Banky W used to be an item and following their relationship,they went on tours together. The two never ceased to share funny posts and photos together.They have been friends forever and this was a case of a friendship that grew to become love.

Yes oh our most handsome Banky once had a thing for fellow women singer Waje😉.

Here are some of his tweets to WajeOver to the next lady.

4.Genevieve Nnaji

Although there were rumors that these two dated,the truth is that they didn't really get into a relationship but Banky W admitted that he once had a crush on this Nollywood diva Genevieve Nnaji. But he seemed to have shot his shot but obviously,she didn't buy his market 😅

Here is a picture of his reply in an interview about his relationship with herYeah at least the guy gave it a shot. He didn't keep it to himself 🙃

Over to his next love escapade.

3. OmawumiStill another wonderful Nigerian celebrity, Banky W loved Omawumi but in a friendly way though that would be difficult for people to understand. He admired her talents and he never stopped singing her praises.

The two were fond of exchanging flirtatious messages to themselves that people actually thought they were dating but it wasn't really so. Here is the tweet so you can decide for yourself.

Over to our next lady....

2.Tiwa Savage

People actually speculated for long that these two were in a relationship and thereafter, out of curiosity,a fan asked him about how he felt for Tiwa Savage and here is his replyHe confessed to be eyeing the actress but obviously she wasn't giving him chance😂😂

Here is another tweet from himThis was a response to one of Tiwa Savage's song he confessed to love both the song and the singer. What a gentleman 😅😅😅

Here is another tweet of his love for TiwaHe was even thinking about the baby part so sad it didn't work out🤣🤣🤣

1.NiyolaHe didn't really end up with Nigerian Singer Niyola because at the time he crushed on her, she was in a relationship

If only she had been single who knows how it would have turned out.

But all that does not matter now because our beautiful Susu has finally captured the heart of Banky forever and their love story is a beautiful one.

That would be a gist for another day😁

Thank you Adesua for giving Banky the love he has been looking for.

So that's all for the women he loved

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