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Lasisi Elenu's Biography, Real Name, Networth, Girlfriend, Family And Hidden Facts About Him.

Making people laugh on stage is not the same as making a bunch of social media users who don’t really know you laugh. As it is evident in this age, many people prefer stage performance and this could be the reason there are a few online comedians in the world right now. In Nigeria, Lasisi Elenu stands out as a talented comedian who reaches out to his fans on his social media pages, especially on Snapchat and Instagram, where he disguises his face and voice for comic effect.

If you are a Snapchat or Instagram user, you’ll agree that Elenu boasts a strong fan base, which he practically built as a result of his rant videos and comic style. The Instagram sensation burst into the mainstream of success across social media in the year 2017 and quickly rose to prominence for touching a lot of random issues plaguing the country. He is a big fan of Instagram wide mouth’ filter which he applies in all his skits.

Besides the comedian’s trademark intro – “Hello everyone, Lasisi is here and something just happened right now”, there are a whole lot of things you need to know about Lasisi. While it’s true that the comedian basically plies his trade on social media, he has also made a few appearances on Live comedy shows and this tells you how good he is at comedy. You’ll get to know him more here.

Lasisi Elenu’s Biography, Real Name, & Family

There have been several conflicting reports about Lasisi Elenu’s real name and other personal details about him ever since he broke into the spotlight.

While some sites reported that his real name is Adeyemi, others claimed that he was named Nosa Afolabi after his birth. As for his age, which has been a subject of public interest, he claimed to be 22 years during an interview with HipTV in April 2018.

While a large number of his fans disagreed with him on his age, the Instagram sensation clearly maintained on his Instagram page that he didn’t lie about his age and that nobody should argue his age with him. He followed up his first post on Instagram with another statement that reads: “Can’t someone just be young in peace. Fresh young blood flowing through my veins I Tell you.”

Lasisi Afolabi

On the subject of his nationality, he was born and brought up in Nigeria. However, details on Elenu’s birthplace, birthday, birth month and year of birth are currently unavailable online. Similarly, the comedian is yet to publicize the names of his parents and siblings, as well as information about his childhood, early life, and educational achievements.


Lasisi, no doubt, boasts a fast-growing career but it seems he isn’t quite ready for a serious relationship with any girl yet. He is apparently in love with his career and seems to be very focused on it. At the moment, it is not known if the Instagram sensation is in a relationship, as he has no documented dating timeline.

Other Facts About Lasisi Elenu

1. Comedian Lasisi Elenu commands a large following across social media. On Instagram alone, he boasts more than 838k followers.

2. Afolabi graduated from the University of Ilorin, where he studied Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering. The360report is yet to verify this report.

3. He is a fan of American rapper William Leonard Roberts II, professionally known by his stage name Rick Ross.

4. Besides being a phenomenal comedian, Lasisi is also a good rapper.

5. Sometime in February 2018, Elenu embarked on a shopping spree with Malaysian-based Nigerian big boy Hushpuppi, who reportedly bought him a Gucci shoe worth 1.6 million Naira.

6. Nosa shared his first Instagram skit on August 11, 2017.

7. He was once a victim of an online bully.

8. His talent has taken him to places. According to the comedian, he has been invited to perform at high-profile events that he wouldn’t have ordinarily been able to attend.

9. Before Elenu dabbled in comedy, he was a songwriter and writer. He abandoned the two for comedy after he discovered the comedian in him. Just like he uses Snapchat and Instagram to promote his comedy career, Nosa used to share his songs on both social media platforms during that period.

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