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Men Are Not Toasting Me Despite The Fact That I Am Rich. Can I Stil Find Love At Age 45? (Fiction)

My name is Sharon, I am 45 years old. I used to think that money can buy everything but now I know I am wrong.

I have been thinking if I can find true love at the age of 45. I am well educated and I am the CEO of a very big company.

I have never been bothered that I have never been in a relationship in all my life because I have been worried about making money and wealth.

I have hundreds of men that works under me calling me ma but none of them have ever approached me for a relationship.

I need to get married because I know I am not complete as a person without a family.

Before the death of parents, they always emphasize on the importance of building a family. But I was too focus building my career and thank God I am now very successful but no man is even toasting me nor approaching me.

A rumor even went around in my company that I can not marry because I used diabolical means to make wealth and others say j am under a curse.

This has caused a lot of sadness for me as I can no longer think straight.

Even disabled people, ugly ladies, poor ladies in this world still have a husband. Friends have advised to be patient. Others said j should be more humble.

Some say I should stop flaunting my riches.

Please I want to know is it still possible to find a man who will still love despite my age and is not after my money.

Your advice is highly appreciated and needed. 

Please leave a comment I promise to read it. Thanks

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I Am Rich Sharon


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