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Fiction: I Came Back Home Today Unannounced, This Is What I Caught My Wife And Son Doing

My name is Christian, Juliana and I have been married for 25 years now. After we had our first child, the doctor revealed that Juliana can't be pregnant again because of the complications during the first labour.

I met my darling wife the day I went for my friend's wedding reception. We chatted, drank, ate and you won't believe we went home together that night. Juliana was drunk and could not explain where she lived. I immediately offered to help her. I took her to my apartment where she spent the night.

Three years , we got married. Our wedding was well attended by mighty men and women. It was the talk of the town. My friend were jealous because of her beauty. It was as if they'll dump their wives for mine.

Today is the day I will never forget. This is how it all started, my son Daniel returned from school today with the excuse that he wants to pack some foodstuffs back to school. I wasn't happy, he should have asked me to send him some money rather than come back. I was late for work and couldn't welcome him properly. When I arrived, I was asked by my boss to bring some important documents I forgot at home.

When I entered the Palour, the first thing I saw was my son's undies on the floor, I was shocked, my Daniel was matured and can never leave his clothes on the chair. I called my wife several times but got no reply. Thinking that she's not around, I moved to our bedroom to pick up the file and behold what I saw my own wife deep down with my son on bed, screaming the way she has never done before. They didn't even notice my presence. I couldn't move my leg, I was so shocked and embarrassed.

My wife that I had satisfied before leaving for work now going down with my son. What if that's what she was doing with the gateman the day I saw him inside the house serving her food.

Is it that I can't satisfy her?

Or she's just an unfaithful type?

Should I forgive them and move on?

Should I send her packing?

Is that why my only child came back home?

Am seriously down and don't know what to do and I can still hear her moaning and screaming on too of her voice. She's really an ingrate and will regret the day she met me.

Am waiting for them downstairs

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Christian Juliana


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