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Remember Jade and cat Valentines from Nickelodeon? Who looks beautiful and has more swag.

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1. Cat Valentine ( played by Ariana Grande)

Cat real name is Ariana Grande. Ariana grande was born on June 26 1993. Ariana grande is an American singer, songwriter and actress who played the lead role of cat Valentines in the Nickelodeon television series called victorious and Sam and Cat. Ariana grande had acted so many series such as victorious, iCarly, Sam and Cat, kidding and Family Guy.

See photos of cat

2. Jade (played by Elizabeth Gillies)

Jade real name is Elizabeth Gillies. she was born on July 26 1993. Elizabeth is an American actress and singer. She starred in the TV show as Jade west in the Nickelodeon television series called Victorious. She had a male role in the fix comedy series sex and drugs and rock and roll. She has acted so many series such as sam and cat, killing daddy, the black donnellys and iCarly.

See photos of jade

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