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Jaruma Reveals Why Her 'Kanya Mata' Product Can't Work On Obi Cubana

Founder of Jaruma Empire Limited, Hauwa Saidu Mohammed, popularly known as Jaruma has revealed why her product can't work on Nigerian businessman, Obi Cubana. Jaruma is known for selling 'Kanya Mata', a product which many believe helps ladies trap any man or rich man they desire.

Merged photo of Jaruma and Obi Cubana

According to Jaruma, she stated that Obi Cubana has spiritual protection which is why her product can't work on him. She further stated that most rich people have spiritual protection and she has been telling her followers about this for over 10 years. She however stated that if anyone lady wants to get any rich man like Obi Cubana, they need to break the spiritual protection backing them up. Here is a link to watch Jaruma's video

Photo credit - Obi Iyiegbu (Instagram)

Jaruma's new revelation in this video might sound as a surprise to some persons as they have always believed her 'Kanya Mata' product has no limit.

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