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Opinion: Chizzy Alichi Shouldn't Have Involved Zubby Michael's Mother In Her Fight With The Actor

Nigerian actress Chizzy Alichi, clashed with actor Zubby Michael online after he made a comment. The actor said that "A woman can never be king of boys". This seems to have caught Chizzy Alichi's attention who replied and made it clear that a woman can achieve anything she wants. Zubby Michael then talked down on the actress and this made her involve his mother in the argument. In my opinion, Chizzy Alichi shouldn't have brought up the actors mother into their online fight.Zubby Michael made a comment without tagging the actress, so her reply wasn't needed. It is obvious that her reply provoked the actor who lashed her out. Her statement about talking to Zubby's mother who didn't train him well was uncalled for. In Nigeria, it is expected of all youths to have respect for people's parents and the elderly in general. Chizzy Alichi's reply goes against it, and she needs to apologize.

Her reply can also go a long way in affecting how people see her. There may be certain people who would look at her as a disrespectful person, and this is not good for her brand. Chizzy is supposed to be aware that Zubby Michael is a controversial actor who lashes out anyone who tries to contradict him. Hence, it appears that she was the one who provoked him into making those comments.

A lot of fans have commented concerning the fight that happened between the actors, and many of those who commented stated that the actors need to apologize for dragging themselves online.

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