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15 Cute Yoruba names with their Igbo and English Meanings

In a multi lingual society like Nigeria, it will be beneficial to know what your Yoruba name means in Igbo and vise versa.

here, we provide you the opportunity to know your Yoruba name, Igbo name with the same meaning and their meaning in English.

below are 20 Yoruba names with their similar Igbo name and English meaning.

Yoruba _ Igbo

1. Mora/Moria - Eberechi

Meaning: I see God's mercy

2. Nifa - Ihuoma

Meaning: I am lucky

3. Ayo - Añuri

Meaning: I see joy

4. Tola - Akuchi

Meaning: I see the wealth of God

5. Morire - Chidinma

Meaning: God's goodness

6. Moro - Cheta

Meaning: see something to remember

7. Ileolewa - Daberechi

Meaning: I rest on God

8. Mosope, Folu - Kelechi

Meaning: I give thanks to God

9. Moyin, toyin - Tochukwu

Meaning: I praise God

10. Moyo, tolu, funmi - Onyiyechi

Meaning: I rejoice to the goodness of the Lord

11. Moyo - Ihuomachi

Meaning: I enjoy the good that the Lord did in my life

12. Ogo, Toni, Ogooluwa - Ebubechi

Meaning: God's glory comes to me

13. Ola - Uba

Meaning: my wealth has come

14. Bunmi - Onyiyechi

Meaning: Gift of God

15. Bukunmi - Chigozirim

Meaning: God blesses me

16. Dami - Chikere

Meaning: God created me for his goodness

17. Simi, Dara - Chidinma

Meaning: God is good to me

18. Fife - Iheanyichi

Meaning: God showed me love

19. Remi - Chimeremunna

Meaning: God added to my goodness

20. Omotola, Tola - Nwakaego, Ego

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