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Between Hauwa Waraka, Hassana Mohammad And Safara'u Kwana Casa'in Who Is The Most Popular ?

Good morning to u all

I like to use this medium to suggest who is the most popular among those kannywood actresses Hauwa Waraka, Hassana Mohammad and Safara'u kwana Casa'in.

Hauwa Waraka

Hauwa Waraka was actually born in Jos, Plateau State in Nigeria.

Hauwa is Fulani by tribe and her parents originated from Adamawa State in Nigeria.

And also Hauwa Waraka is one of the most talented actress in the Kannywood industry. She can fit in into any character come rain come shine.

The film that brought Hauwa to limelight was "WARAKA" which she later adopted as her stage name.

Hassana Mohammad

Hassana Muhammad was born and grew up in Kano State the northern part of Nigeria. She is joined the Hausa films industry in 2017.

Although Hassana Muhammad is a very young beautiful kannywood upcoming actress in the Hausa movie industry.

And also she is one of the beautiful and amazing actress among the young beautiful upcoming actresses in the kannywood industry.

Safara'u Kwana Casa'in

Safara’u Kwana Casa’in is an Arewa24 movie star; and also she is a full time actress and one of the most famous personalities among her team mate.

Furthermore Safara’u Kwana Casa'in is exceptional when it comes to her carrier, many things made her unique including the fact that she is very talented.

And also she is conveying the exact message she supposed to as directed.

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Hauwa Waraka Nigeria Plateau State Safara'u Kwana Casa'in Hassana Muhammad


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