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Tricky pictures that will make you think twice

Tricky pictures that will make you think twice 

It's is said that pictures say thousands of words. 

Funny pictures keep the memory alive with laughter especially if we can relate with them. 

Some of these are real while others might be photoshopped. Some are just too real not to believe they are not real. 

Which of these pictures had you laughing out loud.

Share your thoughts and share to others.

What can you see here? a dog's head and someone's leg. Check again

Coffin delivery service. Or what should we call this.

Is this one a cake or what because strange cakes have been trending lately

This kind of cucumber, where can I find it.

I have women customers in need of it

The kind of motorcycle we should start seeing on Our roads soon

When you hire crocodile for a mechanic job.

Mr. Fix it.

This boy can type on the keyboard faster than most of you. If you can type fast. Drop your comments

Skin care routine with tomatoes and cucumber. That's what skin care people told her. If you sell skin care products. Drop a comment.

Food on wheel

What will you do if a delivery man do this to your food.

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