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Famous Hollywood Actors And Their Age (Photos)

The Hollywood movie industry is blessed with multi-talented actors that put in their best to give us a wonderful visual fantasy of any movie category we are watching. Some of these actors started acting when they were little kids, some started when they were teenagers, while others venture into acting when they are already adults.

But as time goes by, these actors grew older that one will begin to imagine how old they actually are. This is why I took my time to compile a list of 40 famous Hollywood actors and their real age presently. 

Therefore, in case you have been wondering how old your favorite Hollywood actor is, or when exactly was his date of birth, kindly stay glued to your screen and read this article to the end to find out.

With that being said, below are 40 famous Hollywood actors and their real age and date of birth in 2021.

1. Tom Cruise

2. Robert De Niro

3. Al Pacino

4. Vin Diesel

5. Robert Dowey jr

6. Tom Hardy.

7. Christian Bale

8. Leonardo DiCaprio

9. Ludicrous

10. Wes Bentley

11. Adrien Brody

12. Billy Burke

13. David Ramsey

14. Johnny Depp

15. Will Smith

16. Antonia Bander

17. Brad Pitt

18. Arnold

19. Sylvester

20. Nicolas cage

21. Mark Ruffala

22. Chris Pratt

23. Chris Evans

24. Jeremy Renner

25. Matt Domain

26. Ryan Reynolds

27. Ryan Gosling

28. Samuel

29. Dave Bautista

30. Chris

31. Adam Sandler

32. The Rock

33. Mark wahlberg

34. Jason Satnam

35. John cena

36. Nick Jonas

37. Tobey Maguire

38. Tyrese Gibson

39. Daniel Craig

40. Gerard Butler

Have you spotted your favorite Hollywood actor on the list? If no, sorry about that, but it means that the actor was not regarded as famous based on the preference of the Author. But feel free to share with us via the comments, any famous Hollywood actor you feel we've missed out on the list.

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