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50 Ways to Nurture Yourself

50 Ways to Nurture Yourself

It is important to be able to do what you can to feel good on a daily basis. Then you are not dependent on others because you can nurture yourself. When you are self-caring you are not being selfish. In fact when you feel fulfilled, you then have more to give to others. The following suggestions will help you become aware of healthy ways you can give to yourself.

Put a check next to the things you would like to do to nurture yourself.

Take a bubble bath

Buy myself roses

Take a sauna

Get a massage

Take a bath by candlelight

Have breakfast in bed

Go to the pet store and play with the animals. Visit the zoo

Walk on a scenic path

Stop and smell the flowers

Have a manicure or pedicure

Wake up early and watch the sunrise

Watch the sunset

Relax with a good book and/or soothing music

Light the fireplace for myself

Play my favorite music and dance to it by myself

Go to bed early

Sleep outside under the stars

Stay in bed all day when I'm well

Fix a special dinner just for me and eat by candlelight

Participate in my favorite sport

Go for a walk

Take a walk in the rain

Run on the beach

Take a scenic drive


Buy new underpants

___ 28. Browse in a book or record store for as long as I want

Buy myself a cuddly stuffed animal

Write myself a love letter and mail it

Ask a special person to nurture me (examples: feed, cuddle, read to me)

Buy myself something special that I can afford

. Go see a good film or show

Go to the park and feed the ducks, swing on the swings, etc.. Visit a museum or other interesting place

. Go to the harbor and listen to the boats

. Have a facial

Give myself a facial

Go into a hot tub or Jacuzzi

Record an affirmation tape

Write down my goals

Call an old friend

Bake or cook something special

Go window shopping

Buy a meditation tape

Listen to a positive, motivation tape

Write in my special book all my wins for the day

Gently apply a fragrant lotion all over my body

Call a new, supportive friend

Tell myself all the things I appreciate and love about me, and give myself a big hug.

Now that you know what you like to do, plan in your schedule specifically when you will do the things that you checked off. You deserve to feel good!

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