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12 Things You Didn't know About Dwayne Johnson

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In this article, I am going to be showing you 12 things you probably don't know about dwayne ''The rock" Johnson.

He won the Guinness world record for top paid actor in his debut film Scorpion king

The movie scorpion king made him $5.5 million which made him at that time the highest paid actor.

He won a Guinness world record for most selfies taken in three minutes

In the movie premier of San Andreas, his photo was taken 105 times by his fans in three minutes.

He was cast into Fast and Furious 6 by his fans

Him being cast into the film fast and Furious 6 was a tribute his fans for the character Hobbs which ought to be taken by Tom Lee Jones.

His autobiography "The rock says......" was on the Newyork best sellers list

His autobiography magazine made it into the Newyork best selling list.

He was the second highest paid wrestler as at 2017

He was the second highest paid wrestler in 2017 being paid $18 million as a wrestler, then who know he later switched to acting.

According to Forbes he is the highest paid actor in Hollywood

He is currently the highest paid actor in the world being paid $89 million.

His production company "7 bucks production" is named after the fact that he had only $7 in his pocket before starting out in wrestling.

He really had 7 bucks before starting out as a wrestler and the following year he started earning $40 per fight.

He was rejected by fans when he played the good guy in wrestling.

He created the word "SmackDown" which was later used as a wrestling programme.

Yes, he was the one who invented the word smackdown.

At seventeen he had been arrested up to nine times.

He has been arrested up to nine times because of his past behaviors.

He eats 7 meals a day and up to 5000cal per day.

It is rumored that he consumes up to 500l Cal per day and mostly which is fish and he drinks tons of water.

He has been declared "Man of the century" Muscle and Fitness.

See more photos of him

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