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Here Are 3 Similar Squid Game Movies You Should Watch

This list contains film and television that explores similar themes, ideas, and scenarios or that's populated by similar characters as Netflix's surprise smash hit, Squid Game.

1. The Platform

This Spanish sci-fi horror series explores the depths the people will sink to in desperate circumstances. The Platform follows Goreng, a man who volunteered to be incarcerated in exchange for a diploma. Residents of the prison are assigned to different levels and unseen administrators lower food from above on the titular platform. But the lower floors receive only what the higher floors leave as leftovers rapidly creating scarcity. Starvation drives the unfortunates below to murder and madness. Like Squid Game, The Platform dares to ask how far humans will go to survive in a system that denies them equality. The results are fascinatingly horrifying.

2. 3%

Called Brazil's hunger games by one critic, 3% may seem conceptually familiar. However, just like Squid Game, 3% shows that just because a story idea isn't new doesn't mean it can't feel fresh and thrilling. The film follows in a dark future, members from the inland, a destitute region seeped in poverty compete in the process of grueling trials that only three percent of participants survive. Those who do survive will be granted life in a more favorable land called Offshore. The series is compelling because it develops intricate characters that we get to know and in whose fates we invest.

3. Sweet Home

Like others on this list, South Korea's apocalyptic horror series Sweet Home uses its dark premise as a vehicle for characters with rich and tortuous backstories. As we explore their past, we're forced to wonder just how close to monsters they were themselves. Just like Squid Game, it's a story where how characters choose to survive is just as important as whether or not they make it to the end.

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