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See Photos Of Izu Madubueze, His Parents And His Accuser

  • Izu Madubueze

Ize Madubueze is currently trending on twitter and on most platforms, the reason is not far fetched. The 23-year-old fashion guru just committed suicide, after being falsely accused of rape by a lady simply identified as ‘Nanichianese’. 

  • Nanichianese

Izu who just turned 23 this March, made several efforts to clear his name, but trust twitter, most people came hard on him regardless. He couldn’t take the trauma anymore, so he ended his life. 

  • His last tweet

On the news of his passing, his two main accusers have both deactivated their social media accounts. However, It was gathered that the lady who accused him wrongly, was the same lady he turned down her love advances. Imagine!

  • His accuser

“Izu was a promising young man, he grew his business from sewing in his house to owning a warehouse, he was smart, good and had big dreams. He couldn’t handle the whole defamation. He left this wicked world that couldn’t give him a chance to speak,” says Nelson Grey, a friend of the deceased. 

At 23, Izu Madubueze is the founder and creative director of ‘Uhuru designz’. An innovation which was inspired by his desire to create something bigger than himself, so he started making custom pieces – a need expressed among his peers for special events.

His brand Pan-African Uhuru has grown in leaps and bounds as rightly confirmed by his friend Nelson. 

Originally from Nigeria, Izu moved to Oklahoma as a Criminology and IT double major. Izu soon realized he was too comfortable and craved a challenge. The University of South Florida answered that need and more.

  • Izu’s parents

May God give them the fortitude to bear this untimely loss of their talented son, Amen!

  • Little Izu

Izu has always exhibited intelligence and perfectly stands out from the crowd.

Loved by all for his simplicity and humility, which has gotten him this far in his tender age.

Izu is the quiet type and always likes to keep things to himself. He cherish his privacy and had no time for drama.

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