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Man finds a strange thing inside the egg his mom bought and people give different reactions (Video)

The life is wired in a way that most of us cannot decipher. The truth is, no one can understand all the events and occurrences of life except God Himself who controls all the activities of the Earth.

Sometimes, when we stumble on some assumed strange things(In the truest sense of it, nothing is new under the sun. Everything that happens in life today may have happened before, only that we didn't learn about them at their first occurrence), some of us would scream, "End time" or "The world is coming to an end".

However, believe it or leave it, there is an explanation to every occurrence of life. There are certain biological or natural elements that make certain things happen in their usual ways, which we may or may not be able to explain due to our level of knowledge and exposure.

According to the information posted by Instablog9ja on Instagram few hours ago, a man discovered something strange and shocking in the egg he bought today. According to the content, the man found another fully formed egg inside the egg that he bought. The incident happened in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

"Man expresses shock after discovering a fully formed egg inside another egg in Port Harcourt, Rivers State" - Instablog9ja revealed

Click REPLAY to PLAY the content of the video that revealed the incident.

The video started with a man holding an already peeled egg. He narrated how his mom bought eggs but found out something strange in one of the eggs.

The content no doubt ended up producing mixed reactions.

See some of them below:

Quick question. What do you think would be responsible for such?

Have you experienced something strange and unusual from an item you bought in the past before? Share your experience with us in the comment box.

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