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World's Outrageous Cakes That Will Make You Wonder What's Going On in...(Pictures)

Cakes has overtime became the plug for literally any kind of social events and gathering. From anniversaries to weddings, birthdays, meetings and a whole lot of other programmes. Some bakers has taken the art of baking to a whole new level and typical of humans to try unimaginable things, here is a list of extraordinary cakes that made it to our list of world's most outrageous cakes.

This is definitely not going to pass through my throat talk more of staying in my stomach, I don't want these kind of friends plix.

If you have seen the horror movie "It," then I bet you would probably never go for this horrible clown of a cake, we all love peaceful a night rest right?

The young girls facial expression says it all, how do the bakers get these kind of inspiration.

Another one on "Don't try this at home," Imagine attending the birthday party of your neighbour's four year old son... With a hungry stomach only to see this cake.😷

One good thing I like about this cake is the is the Disney castle-like structure, it's so big to the extent of having literal interiors where our imaginary Barbie can live.

I definitely don't have any words for for this one because the icing is oviously more than the main cake.

This one won the guinness book of record award for the largest wedding cake ever made. Coupled with the whole layers upon layers, this cake could be nearly twenty feets.

I am not going to give any vivid description of this very cake because... so when next your wife or any woman dear to you is headed to the delivery room, contact a backer and surprise her and the new born baby with any of these beauties.

Regardless of how outrageous these cakes might be, we cannot help but agree that the bakers are really talented.

Will you want any of the listed cakes for anything? comment which and why you'd want it.

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